Sapreme Technologies is a privately-owned biotech company developing a disruptive technology platform (ENDOSCAPE®) enabling the development of superior targeted therapeutics, such as antibody-drug conjugates and oligonucleotide-based drugs. We have seen rapid growth this year, and continue to recruit on a frequent basis. Please see our most recent opportunity listed here.


Principal Scientist – Antibody and Protein Science/Engineering (PS/E). We are currently  a principal scientist who will be taking on a key scientific and technology leadership role in the company. In this capacity, you will select and develop protein ligands and tools, driven by innovation and in-depth scientific insights, based on substantial experience in the drug discovery process of antibody and protein/peptide-based drugs. To this end, you will be developing a variety of protein reagents, such as antibodies, antibody fragments or non-antibody-based protein/peptide targeting ligands to enable targeted, intracellular delivery of protein-drug conjugates. The Principal Scientist will also contribute to the generation and characterization of intracellularly active therapeutic protein or peptide payloads, and fusion proteins or conjugates thereof for targeted intracellular delivery. In your role, you are responsible and accountable for multiple complex programs and projects that deliver high quality scientific results according to industry state-of-art. The role encompasses the planning and alignment of content and timelines with key stakeholders such as Senior Management, Project Management, outsourcing partners, and with your in-house peers such as the Principal Scientists for Chemistry/Conjugation and In vitro Biology, as well as the In vivo Evaluation Team. In our growing organization, you will initially report to the Chief Scientific Officer.

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